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Date range 1826-06-25/1870-04-26
Reference code PT/MPTL/IMPTL47-IMSSC
Date range 1797-02-08/1883-05-14
Reference code PT/MPTL/IMPTL30-IMSJBF
Date range 1727-02-28/1883-04-02
Reference code PT/MPTL/IMPTL29-IMA
Record not reviewed.
Date range 1600/1764-02-29
Reference code PT/PV/APV-CP
Date range 1748-05-29/1919
Reference code PT/MPTL/IMPTL35-IMNSCM
Date range 1820-01-15/1841-08-11
Reference code PT/MPTL/IMPTL39-IMSJBT
Date range 1871-12-18/1872-07-10
Reference code PT/MPTL/IMPTL11-IMC
Date range 1802-01-24/1883-02-05
Reference code PT/MPTL/IMPTL13-IMMJ
Date range 1899-12-06/1899-12-06
Reference code PT/MPTL/IMPTL35-IMNSL
Date range 1913-06-25/1925-06-30
Reference code PT/MPTL/IMPTL34-IMNSR