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Record not reviewed.
Date range 1744-01-07/1744-01-07
Reference code PT/MPTL/ACP-LM
Date range 1739-04-12/1883-02-01
Reference code PT/MPTL/IMPTL13-IMA
Record not reviewed.
Date range 1842-06-17/1877-11-25
Reference code PT/MPTL/ACP-AS
Date range 1793-08-23/1793-09-12
Reference code PT/MPTL/IMPTL18-IMSSC
Date range 1727-02-28/1883-04-02
Reference code PT/MPTL/IMPTL29-IMA
Date range 1811-09-18/1883-03-21
Reference code PT/MPTL/IMPTL32-IMML
Date range 1833-06-21/1899-06-05
Reference code PT/MPTL/IMPTL35-IMNSE
Record not reviewed.
Date range 1964-03-23/1973-04-10
Reference code PT/MPTL/CMPTL35-CMH
Record not reviewed.
Date range 1932-11-10/1936-03-20
Reference code PT/MPTL/CMPTL35-CEPMPAF